Woman Freaks After She Learns Her Arm Tattoo Has A Secret Meaning

There are many decisions that we may make in life and regardless of the decision, it’s important to consider everything in advance. The last thing we would want is to have regrets when we research it later.

That is especially true with a decision as big as getting a tattoo. The tattoo has to be something very personal and we need to ensure that everything is just right from the beginning to the end.

There are going to be times when somebody regrets the tattoo that they get. Perhaps they had too much to drink the night that they got it or they may just have rushed into the decision.

You can consider tattoo removal in that case, but that isn’t necessarily something that is going to work perfectly. In addition, it’s a lot of hassle for little reward.

A woman by the name of Brittany Lewin understands all too well the process of regretting getting a tattoo.

It started when she got a tattoo of a pineapple on her left arm. It has a triangle around the bottom, and she explained in a video that it represented being a boss babe.

The triangle was just significant to her because it is her lucky signal.

When propping her elbow on the table, the pineapple is upside down. That is how it looks on social media.

Some people commented that they noticed the upside-down tattoo and didn’t know if she knew what it meant. Others thought she knew it and they just felt she was doing her thing.

As it turns out, a pineapple in front of somebody’s home means that the person is a swinger. I guess regrets come in all forms.

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