Why put a clothespin above the shower: you’ll always remember it.

Discover simple life tricks that can have a significant impact.

If you’re looking for a simple yet game-changing trick that can enhance your shower experience, look no further than hanging a clothespin over your shower. You might be wondering why a clothespin would have any place in the bathroom, but trust us, it works wonders.

Eliminate scents and enjoy a pleasant fragrance

A clothespin hanging above a shower

It turns out that a clothespin can do more than just dry clothes. By using a wooden clothespin and a bottle of essential oil, like eucalyptus, lemon, or mandarin, you can create a refreshing and spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Simply soak the clothespin in a few drops of essential oil and hang it on your showerhead or shower curtain. As you shower or bathe, the steam will disperse a lovely smell around your bathroom, promoting relaxation and well-being.

More than just a shower companion

But the usefulness of a wooden clothespin doesn’t stop there. You can use it in various ways around the house to make your life easier and more organized. For example:

  • Attach it to the handle of your cooking spoon or spatula to prevent it from falling into the pan.
  • Create a photo display or note holder by using a thread and clothespins. This way, you can hang photos or reminders without using frames or damaging your walls.
  • Seal food packages like cereal, chips, or flour bags with a clothespin to keep them fresh and protected from air exposure.
  • Organize cords by attaching clothespins to chargers or small bundles of cords to avoid tangled wires.
  • Use a clothespin as an improvised bookmark to mark your place in a book or underline important parts in papers.

With these creative applications, you’ll find that wooden clothespins can be recycled in numerous ways throughout your home.

So, next time you shower, remember to hang a clothespin above your shower. Not only will it eliminate scents and infuse your bathroom with a pleasant fragrance, but it will also become a helpful tool in other areas of your life. Enjoy the simple and ingenious tricks that can make a big difference!

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