What to Make Of A Dryer Sheet Discovered in Your Mailbox

Protecting Mail Carriers from Wasp Nests

Summer has arrived, bringing with it sunshine, warm weather, and blooming flowers, along with a surge in insect activity. Living on a small farm, I’ve never encountered so many bees, mosquitoes, and flies. As someone mildly allergic to wasps, I make a conscious effort to avoid them, and it seems our mail carriers are doing the same.

A Common Problem: Wasp Nests in Mailboxes

According to a Reddit post by a mail carrier, wasps, particularly yellowjackets, have a penchant for nesting inside mailboxes. Despite hot daytime temperatures, evenings can still be chilly, making the interior of mailboxes an attractive and sheltered haven for these insects.

The Hazards for Mail Carriers

The mail carrier further explains that unsuspecting carriers often encounter multiple wasps congregating at the back of mailboxes. When they reach inside to deliver mail, the wasps become agitated, leading to frequent stings. This particular carrier endured ten stings in one summer alone.

Preventative Measures: Using Dryer SheetsTo address this issue, mail carriers have discovered that wasps detest the scent of dryer sheets. As a preemptive measure, they sometimes place a dryer sheet at the back of mailboxes to deter wasps from nesting. If you spot a dryer sheet in your mailbox, it’s best to leave it undisturbed. However, this method is effective only as prevention; existing nests may not be deterred. It’s crucial to ensure the dryer sheet remains highly scented, and if its scent diminishes, replacing it promptly is advisable.Supporting Our Mail CarriersLet’s show appreciation for our hardworking mail carriers by taking steps to protect them from wasp encounters this summer.

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