Vet Deals With Grieving Cockatoo And Millions Of People Love It

I think all of us have met somebody special in our lives that changes our mood instantly. We could be in the worst mood possible but when we are around them, it just seems as if a smile grows on our face automatically.

Cumulus is just such a creature, and if you’ve ever owned a bird, you realize that they have a lot to offer. This cockatoo has a lot of personality, but a recent video shows just how special these beautiful birds can be.

When Cumulus was abandoned, it was almost as if all hope was lost. Eventually, he was taken to a clinic where they began looking into the health problems he experienced. He had to go through a number of surgeries and veterinarians were there to help.

After he began to feel a little better, his personality started to shine through. Even though he is dealing with various health struggles, he is being described as incredible.

There was one person who watched the video of and shared their own story. They had opened their home to a bird, and their life was never the same.

They said: “He’s telling you his name is Eric. I rescued an African Meyer’s Parrot whose owner died and I started calling her Kiwi because we didn’t know what her name was. After a while she started calling out the name ‘Cokey’. I then started calling her Cokey and she would become excited and calling out Cokey with enthusiasm. Poor baby, I love her so very much. ❤

Another viewer spoke about the bird and how he would whisper in the video. They thought that it was cute, and it really showed the bond that the cockatoo had with those who cared for him.

Despite the fact that he had been through a very difficult time, he continued to sing a beautiful song. It is something that inspires all of us to do greater things.

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