The story of two sisters who weighed more than 250 kilograms together. Here is how they appear right now!

Today, we’ll share with you the story of two sisters who, together, weighed more than 250 kilograms.

But they managed to overcome it. Let’s look at it, shall we?

When they were little, Candy and Brandy have used food as a kind of stress relief.

They became accustomed to them as a result of the girls’ constant suffering due to their parents’ lack of attention. They found comfort in sweets.

The parents eventually began giving the children fast food, which was a terrific method to keep the children engaged and prevent them from disturbing their parents.

This eating pattern inevitably has detrimental implications.

The first issues started to appear when the girls’ cruel peers began to tease them at school.

The worst aspect was that the weight kept going up till each sister had reached a weight of over 100 kg by the time they were teenagers.

Afterwards, Candy and Brandy had a quarrel with their parents and left.

It’s unfortunate that their eating habits did not change as they gained independence.

Even after the sisters found work as sellers, the weight persisted.

Over time, the women put on weight and became as awkward as they could be without being able to work.

Candy and Brandy both had health problems.

When each person’s weight started to reach 250 kg, they decided to get help from the well-known TV show “I weigh 300 kg.”

Then began the laborious and protracted quest toward achieving health.

The best doctors treated the girls; a dietician suggested a diet, and psychiatrists began treating them.

Over time, each sister created a weight loss goal. The weight began to dissipate.

The stomach still needed to be decreased, though, for medical reasons.

Even though the program has ended, the girls still keep an eye on their health—they exercise and eat carefully.

Even better, Brandy fell in love, wed, and gave birth to a kid.

Candy likewise has no immediate intentions to get married; instead, she wants to take time to travel widely and really experience her new life.

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