Retired couple booked 51 back-to-back cruises because it’s cheaper than living in retirement home

Marty and Jess Ansen have embarked on an extraordinary retirement journey, booking 51 consecutive cruises aboard the Coral Princess. Ren van Rooyen, the ship’s hotel manager, describes them as part of the ship’s family, illustrating the deep connections they’ve formed with the crew.

Their decision to cruise long-term stems from an unexpected revelation: it’s more economical than living in a retirement home. Contrary to conventional retirement planning, they’ve found that their daily needs are met aboard the ship at a fraction of the cost.

Despite spending over 450 days at sea, Marty and Jess maintain an active and enjoyable routine. Beginning each day with table tennis, they blend fun and fitness into their adventure before indulging in the ship’s lavish buffets.

Their journey reflects their lifelong dream of exploring the world by sea. With no plans to stop anytime soon, they aspire to continue cruising indefinitely. Marty and Jess’s story embodies the idea that retirement can be an opportunity to pursue one’s dreams wholeheartedly.

In choosing a life at sea over traditional retirement living, Marty and Jess Ansen exemplify the boundless possibilities that emerge when individuals dare to follow their passions, even in their later years. For them, retirement means endless horizons and the freedom of the open ocean.
Explore their remarkable journey in the video below:

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