Harley Davidson rejects military wife’s late check – sends heartwarming note

Not too long ago, Dennis Packee, a modest owner of a Harley Davidson dealership, gained widespread attention for a kind deed he did for the wife of a deployed soldier.

The soldier, Christopher Walters, had left his motorcycle in storage at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson before his deployment overseas. His wife, Jaime, was managing the payments during his absence.

When she fell behind on the payments, however, Dennis stepped in. Keep reading to find out what he did!

After Christopher was deployed overseas, his wife, Jaime, was unable to keep up with the payments for his motorcycle, eventually falling behind.

Jaime, expressing her apologies, sent in a check for the overdue payment along with a note explaining the delay. Upon reading Jaime’s note, Dennis made an executive decision and refused to accept her money, instructing an office employee to return it to her.

“You send that money back to her!” Dennis told him, revealing his personal policy rooted in a deep sense of appreciation for the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

Dennis, who had nearly been drafted during the Vietnam War but was discharged due to a medical condition, has long been grateful for the sacrifices made by military personnel. As a result, he has an unwavering commitment to giving back, a principle he has upheld throughout his 18 years of dealership ownership.

In his response to Jaime, Dennis not only returned her money but also explained his dealership’s policy. Little did he know that his simple act of kindness would soon capture the attention and gratitude of people across the country.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected response, Dennis received numerous calls from strangers expressing their appreciation after a photo of his letter circulated online. Although he doesn’t use social media himself, Dennis was astonished by the viral spread of his message and the outpouring of support it generated.

Reflecting on the experience, Dennis expressed gratitude for the reaffirmation of America’s caring spirit. “It was impossible to answer them all,” he said (via Inspire More), adding that he was touched by the genuine concern and support demonstrated by people across the country.

Encouraged by the positive response, Dennis remains optimistic about the collective goodwill of Americans. He believes that small acts of kindness, like his, have the power to make a significant impact and inspire others to follow suit.

In a heartwarming culmination of events, Representative Cheri Bustos and the Walters family visited Dennis’ store to honor him with a Congressional Record Statement, recognizing his compassion and generosity.

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