Dogs destined to be killed are put into trailer – when doors open, new owners can’t believe their eyes

This world is full of unwanted dogs, who have either been stray since birth or have been given up by their owners. Many of these dogs find their way to shelters, but sadly not all can be given a home. There is not always enough time or resources and the dogs are often put to sleep. Breaks my heart.

Tracy Whyatt, a dog lover from Texas, shares the same sentiment. She was just tired of hearing about or seeing so many unloved dogs, so she decided to do something about it. Together with her husband Scott, they started driving around Texas to different kill shelters. They started to rescue poor pooches who had been destined to die – by finding them homes all over country.

From there on, this became their job – they started a company called Tracy’s Dogs, with a mission to rescue as many unloved dogs as possible. Tracy and Scott have so far helped 3,700 dogs find owners and homes. Dogs that would have otherwise been dead today.

Source: HooplaHA – Only Good News

You can see it all in the video further below from HooplaHa – Only Good News. The looks on these families’ faces when they lay eyes on their new pets just melts our hearts. Here’s one of the comments from Facebook about the video:

“I cried with happiness through most of this video, I have never seen so many adorable dogs get adopted on the same day. It seemed like most of the dogs knew that they were finally going home to their forever family and would never worry again. I can’t believe that if it wasn’t for your help these dogs would no longer be here. This was the most heartwarming thing that I have seen in a while.”

Source: HooplaHA – Only Good News

Here’s the video. Try not to cry — cause this is really sweet:

If you want to know more about Tracy’s Dogs and how you can adopt a dog yourself please check out their website.

Tracy is a hero and is literally saving lives for a living. Please share with your friends. This could inspire them to adopt rather than buy a dog.

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