Dad Took On Debt To Send His Daughter To College — Watch Him Find Out His Debt Has Been Forgiven.

Parents make sacrifices for their children, and this dad took out a substantial loan to make his daughter’s dreams come true. However, on Christmas, he discovered that his debt had been forgiven and the reaction was totally epic.

With the Christmas tree as the lighting, this dad opened a piece of mail from his loan provider. At first, his expression was pure shock. Then, he melted into tears.

dad finding out debt is forgiven
This image is from YouTube.

It’s a powerful reaction to a serious sacrifice he made for his daughter.

She took to YouTube to share the story.

“He cleaned pools so I could live my dream. This is the best Christmas gift ever,” she captioned the video.

Viewers were overwhelmed with emotion watching this dad learn his debts were forgiven.

“The relief. All the debt that you graciously took on to make sure your daughter could be something better than yourself, gone in an instant. His face says it all,” said one viewer.

“I watched this again for a second time and I saw the look on his face I almost cried. You could feel and see his gratitude. You could just feel it. May God continue to bless both you, your Dad and your family,” commented another.

Check out the powerful clip for yourself below. Make sure to grab the tissues first!


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