Dad of Two, 38, Vanishes after the Baltimore Bridge Tragedy: His Family Speaks Out

The collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, triggered by a ship collision, has left a community in mourning. Maynor, a father, and construction worker, is among those missing. The incident, which occurred on March 26, 2024, has shaken many.

Miguel Luna, a husband and father of three, left for work that evening and never returned. His wife, María del Carmen Castellón, expresses devastation: “Our hearts are broken.” Colleague Jesús Campos echoes this pain: “They are my coworkers…It hurts my heart.”

Despite efforts, rescue operations have been suspended, leaving families anxiously waiting for news. The tragedy unfolded when the cargo vessel DALI collided with a bridge pillar due to a blackout onboard. Efforts to steer the vessel away were futile.

The incident has sparked demands for accountability and safety measures. Gustavo Torres of CASA mourns the loss of a member: “adding an even deeper layer of sorrow.” The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has initiated an investigation into the cause, estimated to have incurred significant damages.

As the community grieves, there’s a resounding call for change to ensure such tragedies are not repeated.

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