A Mother of two moves into her first house, but she notice that her dog acting suspiciously, at that point, she checks the walls out.

When searching for a new home, most people come armed with a lengthy checklist of requirements. Some seek a specific number of bedrooms, while others desire a sprawling yard or a spacious garage. While individual tastes may differ, there are undoubtedly a few traits that none of us would want in a new home.

Amber Hall believed she had stumbled upon her ideal first home when she stepped into a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house for sale in Centennial, Colorado. She envisioned her family – including her two children and two dogs – enjoying the backyard and relishing the setting. Little did she know about the property’s previous inhabitants, who happened to be quite slithery.

With the formal purchase complete, Amber eagerly anticipated making the house her own. However, as she began unpacking, her dog’s peculiar behavior caught her attention, setting off alarm bells in her mind. She recalled, “I was in the middle of unpacking when my dog just froze and started staring at something very slowly moving,” as reported by KOAA. “I walked over to see what had caught his attention, thinking it might be a spider or something. But when I got there, I saw two tiny holes and snakes crawling up the wall. I was pretty freaked out.”

And yes, you read that right – snakes in the walls. As the reports indicate, these sizable snakes were nestled within the wall adjacent to the door connecting the garage to the backyard. To her discomfort, Amber realized that the warmth emanating from the wall hinted at even more critters further up. She described the snakes as “astonishingly big.”

After thorough research, it’s been established that these are a kind of garter snake. However, they do come with a disclaimer that garter snakes are typically not this large.

Amber mentioned, “I can’t even unpack any of my stuff because I’m convinced there might be snakes in the packages or lurking inside the boxes… It’s like when you jump into bed and quickly pull the sheets off or leap out of bed just to make sure there’s no one under there.”

Around a week ago, Amber encountered the first snake, and since then, she has come across a total of 10 snakes. In a bid to humanely remove the snakes from her home, the concerned mother enlisted the help of a snake wrangler. Based on their size, he informed Amber that some of these snakes might have been dwelling in the house for up to two years.

“I don’t feel like I’m the first person to find them,” Amber admitted. “But I can’t imagine anyone admitting they knew about them.” She further expressed, “It’s tough. I’m 42 years old, and this is my first home. I’ve worked my whole life to get here, but I can’t even enjoy it. My kids will enjoy it, but I’m pretty scared.”

Amber has already spent nearly $1,000 on evicting these unwelcome guests from her home. She shared her suspicion that she won’t truly feel secure until every inch of the house is stripped down to uncover where these creatures have truly taken residence.

I can’t fathom dealing with this situation, it’s truly a homeowner’s nightmare. Let’s hope Amber and her children can find some peace amidst this snake-infested ordeal.

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