4-Month-Old Infant Sucked Out Of Home By Tornado Found Safely Hidden In A Tree.

Life can change in the blink of an eye. For this Clarksville, Tennessee family, this happened in the form of an unexpected storm. Sydney Moore and her boyfriend, Aramis Youngblood, were spending time in their mobile home with their two kiddos when the sound of wind caught their attention. Little did they know that, within mere moments, their baby would be swept up by a tornado that would go on to destroy so many homes in Tennessee.

At first, the wind seemed normal. Then, suddenly, tornadic winds tore away the walls of their mobile home. Sydney and Aramis barely had time to react. Sydney, who was next to 1-year-old Princeton, immediately shielded him with her body.

Sydney Moore smiles as she sits on a couch next to her two sons, Princeton and Lord.

Meanwhile, their 4-month-old son, Lord, was sleeping in a bassinet. Just as Aramis reached him, they were both lifted into the air and separated. This dislocated Aramis’ shoulder. Still, once he was able, he spent 10 minutes searching for Lord in the debris.

“There was no warning,” Sydney recalled.

Miraculously, Aramis spotted little Lord in a fallen tree about 30 feet away from where there home once stood. He had a gash on his face but, otherwise, Lord seemed unharmed. Mom and Princeton were also alright, but at this point, she assumed the worst had happened to her other son. Then Aramis came back with the best surprise.

Aramis Youngblood smiles as he takes a selfie with his son, Lord, the baby who was recently sucked up by a tornado in Tennessee.

Baby Survives Deadly Tornado in Tennessee

“It was like a scene in a movie,” Sydney said. “I remember seeing Aramis walking up in the pouring down rain, clothes ripped, with Lord in his arms.”

With so many trees and other debris all around the area, first responders struggled to reach folks like Sydney. Luckily, this determined family was able to walk more than a mile when, by chance, an ambulance passed a nearby road. They were able to stop them for help.

Sydney’s family lost so much in the storm. But their baby miraculously survived the deadly tornado, despite the destruction it caused across Tennessee, and for that, they couldn’t be more grateful.

Princeton and Lord, the baby who was recently sucked up by a tornado in Tennessee lay on their backs for a photo.

“We are told that he looked like he was placed on the tree gently,” Caitlyn Moore, Sydney’s sister, says. “Like an angel guided him safely to that spot.”

Plus, they continue to be blown away by the donations they’re receiving on the GoFundMe page that Caitlyn created for them.

“I wasn’t expecting any help, honestly,” Sydney shared. “It’s really so comforting. Every possession that I’ve ever had is gone.”

Baby Lord sleeps on his back as his older brother, Princeton, partially lays on him while he sleeps, too.

But that isn’t the only miracle that took place that day. Despite losing most of their possessions, the box containing the ashes of Sydney’s late mother also remained unharmed.

“I believe in guardian angels and miracles,” Caitlyn said. “I believe that our mom was probably the one that placed my nephew Lord in that tree safely.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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